Launch u50 Flow - 2023.2 English

Vitis Libraries

Release Date
2023.2 English

Ensure run the script L3/tests/ to set the path of Ensure export the right $(PROJECTPATH) for the L2 pre-build U50 xclbin path, this xclbin may need 777 permission by xrm.

cd L3/tests/louvainRun
make host
./build_dir.sw_emu.xilinx_u50_gen3x16_xdma_201920_3/host.exe -x $(PROJECTPATH)/build_dir.sw_emu.xilinx_u50_gen3x16_xdma_201920_3/kernel_louvain.xclbin -kernel_mode 1 -num_devices 1 -devices xilinx_u50_gen3x16_xdma_201920_3 -num_level 100 -num_iter 100 -load_alveo_partitions ../louvainPartition/example_tx.par.proj -setwkr 0 -driverAlone

Louvain fast Input Arguments:

Usage: host.exe -[-kernel_mode -x -num_devices -devices -num_level -num_iter -load_alveo_partitions -setwkr -driverAlone]
      -kernel_mode:                 the kernel mode  : 1 is u50 1 cu, 2 is for u55c 2cu parallel launch in louvainRunSubGraph
      -x:                           path of the xclbin : path
      -num_devices:                 the number of boards : 1~n
      -devices:                     the shell name of device : xilinx_u50_gen3x16_xdma_201920_3 xilinx_u55c_gen3x16_xdma_base_2
      -num_level:                   the max number of level or phase the louvain modularity : 1~n
      -num_iter:                    the max number of iteration the louvain modularity :1~n
      -load_alveo_partitions:      the project to be load : *.par.proj
      -setwkr                       the number Client nodes in CS modes, currently is 0 : 0
      -driverAlone                  only use the Server node in CS modes.