Using Library Elements within User Defined Graphs - 2023.2 English

Vitis Libraries

Release Date
2023.2 English

It is recommended that the library element to include in your graph is from the L2 directory, that is, a subgraph. For instance, to include a single rate asymmetrical FIR filter, include fir_sr_asym_graph.hpp from the L2/include/aie/ folder. The test harness for each library unit can be used as a reference example of how to instantiate a parameterized graph. For example, see L2/tests/aie/<library_element>/test.hpp and test.cpp.

An example test.h and test.cpp which instantiates a parameterized graph and exposes a configured (point solution) interface is provided in the L2/examples/fir_129t_sym folder.

Set the environment variable to DSPLIB_ROOT.

setenv DSPLIB_ROOT <your-vitis-libraries-install-path/dsp>


Use setenv for csh and export DSPLIB_ROOT=<path> for bash.

Use the following option in the aiecompiler command to provide the path: