Configuration for performance vs resource - 2023.2 English

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2023.2 English

At present only one configuration parameter TP_CASC_LEN will affect this design tradeoff. TP_CASC_LEN may be set from 1 up to the number of stages required. The number of stages required will be determined by the parameter TP_POINT_SIZE. The number of stages is A+B+C+D where A is the power of 3, B is the power of 5, C is the power of 4 and D is the power of 2 required to decompose the point size. e.g. a point size of 432 = 3*3*3*2*2*2*2. Radix4 stages are used in preference to radix2 stages, so this will result in 3 stages of radix3 and 2 of radix4. The total number of stages in this example is therefore 5. When the point size is a multiple of 8, but not 16, radix2 stages are used, so a point size of 216 would decompose to 3*3*3*2*2*2 resulting in 6 stages total.