Entry Point - 2023.2 English

Vitis Libraries

Release Date
2023.2 English

FIR filters have been categorized into classes and placed in a distinct namespace scope: xf::dsp::aie::fir, to prevent name collision in the global scope. Namespace aliasing can be utilized to shorten instantiations:

namespace dsplib = xf::dsp::aie;

Additionally, each FIR filter has been placed in its unique FIR type namespace. The available FIR filter classes and the corresponding graph entry point are listed below:

Table 49 FIR Filter Classes
Function Namespace and class name
Single rate, asymmetrical dsplib::fir::sr_asym::fir_sr_asym_graph
Single rate, symmetrical dsplib::fir::sr_sym::fir_sr_sym_graph
Interpolation asymmetrical dsplib::fir::interpolate_asym::fir_interpolate_asym_graph
Decimation, half-band dsplib::fir::decimate_hb::fir_decimate_hb_graph
Interpolation, half-band dsplib::fir::interpolate_hb::fir_interpolate_hb_graph
Decimation, asymmetric dsplib::fir::decimate_asym::fir_decimate_asym_graph
Interpolation or decimation, fractional, asymmetric dsplib::fir::resampler::fir_resampler_graph
Decimation, symmetric dsplib::fir::decimate_sym::fir_decimate_sym_graph