Super Sample Rate Operation - 2023.2 English

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2023.2 English

While the term Super Sample Rate strictly means the processing of more than one sample per clock cycle, in the AIE context it is taken to mean an implementation using parallel kernels to improve performance at the expense of additional resource use. In the FFT, SSR operation is controlled by the template parameter TP_PARALLEL_POWER. This parameter is intended to improve performance and also allow support of point sizes beyond the limitations of a single tile. Diagram Applying Design Constraints shows an example graph with TP_PARALLEL_POWER set to 2. This results in 4 subframe processors in parallel each performing an FFT of N/2^TP_PARALLEL_POWER point size. These subframe outputs are then combined by TP_PARALLEL_POWER stages of radix2 to create the final result. The order of samples is described in the note for TP_API above.

The parameter TP_PARALLEL_POWER allows a trade of performance for resource use in the form of tiles used. The following table shows the tile utilization versus TP_PARALLEL_POWER assuming that all widgets co-habit with FFT processing kernels.

Table 44 FFT Resource Usage
TP_PARALLEL_POWER Number of tiles
0 1
1 4
2 12
3 32
4 80