DSP Library Functions - 2023.2 English

Vitis Libraries

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2023.2 English
The AMD Vitis™ digital signal processing library (DSPLib) is a configurable library of elements that can be used to develop applications on AMD Versal™ AI Engines. This is an Open Source library for DSP applications.
The user entry point for each function in this library is a graph (L2 level).
Each entry point graph class will contain one or more L1 level kernels and may contain one or more graph objects. Direct use of kernel classes (L1 level) or any other graph class not identified as an entry point is not recommended as this may bypass legality checking.

The DSPLib consists of the following DSP elements:

Legality Checking

Not all configurations of a given library unit may be supported. For instance, the range of TP_DECIMATE_FACTOR is affected by the choice of input sample data type TT_DATA. Where possible, such configurations will throw a static_assert compile-time error very early in compilation, or, if the library element is being generated from Vitis Model Composer, an error will be reported there prior to generation. The corresponding error messages describe the reason for the error, such as the parameters involved in the conflict, but the static_assert statement does not allow configuration-specific values to be included in the error message.
However, it is not practical in general to predict when the resources required by a configuration will exceed the availability of each resource on the target device (e.g. memory use). In such cases compile-time errors will still be generated, but they will be generated by the aiecompiler tool, at a later stage of compilation.