Selecting TARGET - 2023.2 English

Vitis Libraries

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2023.2 English

To perform a x86 compilation/simulation, run:

make run TARGET=x86sim.

List of all Makefile targets:

make all TARGET=<aiesim/x86sim/hw_emu/hw> PLATFORM=<FPGA platform>
    Command to generate the design for specified Target and Shell.

make run TARGET=<aiesim/x86sim/hw_emu/hw> PLATFORM=<FPGA platform>
    Command to run application in emulation.

make clean
    Command to remove the generated non-hardware files.

make cleanall
    Command to remove all the generated files.


For embedded platform the following setup steps are required:
a.If the platform and common-image are downloaded from Xilinx Download Center(Suggested):
Run the script from the common-image directory to install sysroot using the command : ./ -y -d ./ -p
Unzip the rootfs file : gunzip ./rootfs.ext4.gz
export SYSROOT=< path-to-platform-sysroot >
b.User could also define SYSROOT, K_IMAGE and ROOTFS by themselves:
export SYSROOT=< path-to-platform-sysroot >
export K_IMAGE=< path-to-Image-files >
export ROOTFS=< path-to-rootfs >