Mixed Radix FFT configuration parameters - 2023.2 English

Vitis Libraries

Release Date
2023.2 English

For the Mixed Radix library element the list of configurable parameters and default values is presented below.

Table 66 FFT configuration parameters
Name Type Default Description
DATA_TYPE typename cint16 Data Type.
TWIDDLE_TYPE typename cint16 Twiddle Type.
POINT_SIZE unsigned 48 FFT point size.
SHIFT unsigned 6 Acc results shift down value.
FFT_NIFFT unsigned 0 Forward (1) or reverse (0) transform.
WINDOW_VSIZE unsigned 48

Input/Output window size.

By default, set to: $(POINT_SIZE).

CASC_LEN unsigned 1 Cascade length.
API_IO unsigned 0

Graph’s port API.

0 - window

1 - stream

NITER unsigned 4 Number of iterations to execute.
DIFF_TOLERANCE unsigned 0 Tolerance value when comparing output sample with reference model, e.g. 0.0025 for floats and cfloats.
STIM_TYPE unsigned 0

Supported types:

0 - random

3 - impulse

4 - all ones

5 - incrementing pattern

6 - sym incrementing pattern

8 - sine wave

ROUND_MODE unsigned 0 Rounding mode.
SAT_MODE unsigned Saturation mode

0: ‘none’

1: ‘saturate’

3: ‘symmetric saturate’


The above configurable parameters range may exceed a library element’s maximum supported range, in which case the compilation will end with a static_assert error informing about the exceeded range.