Launching an Individual Test - 2023.2 English

Vitis Libraries

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2023.2 English
To launch an individual test first it is required to setup environment for lanching Vitis HLS Compiler which can be done as follows:
setup of environment variable TA_PATH to point to the installation path of your Vitis 2021.1, and run following commands to set up the environment.
export XILINX_VITIS=${TA_PATH}/Vitis/2021.1
export XILINX_VIVADO=${TA_PATH}/Vivado/2021.1
source ${XILINX_VIVADO}/

Once the environment settings are done an idividual test can be launched by going to test folder ( any folder inside sub-directory at any level of REPO_PATH/dsp/L1/test/hw/ that has Makefile is a test) and running the make command : make run XPART='xcu200-fsgd2104-2-e' CSIM=1 CSYNTH=1 COSIM=1 you can choose the part number as required and by settting CSIM/CSYNTH/COSIM=0 choose what to build and run with make target