Floating Point - 2023.2 English

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2023.2 English

1-D SSR FFT also supports synthesis for single or double precision floating point type. For synthesizing a complex floating point type, it is required that std::complex type not to be used as a complex wrapper. Since this wrapper has some issues and it is required that a wrapper class provided with the AMD Vitis |trade| DSP library called complex_wrapper<…> is used for wrapping complex float numbers. Also while synthesizing floating point 1-D SSR FFT the parameters in the structure which carry information such as scaling mode, twiddle factor storage bits, butterfly rounding mode etc. which are only related to fixed point data-path, carry no meaning. Instead SSR FFT parameter structure can simply define relevant parameters as shown below:

struct ssr_fft_fix_params:ssr_fft_default_params
        static const int N = 1024;
        static const int R = 4;
        static const fft_output_order_enum output_data_order = SSR_FFT_NATURAL;
        static const transform_direction_enum transform_direction = FORWARD_TRANSFORM;