Fixed Point - 2023.2 English

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Release Date
2023.2 English

The fixed point SSR FFT implementation is based on fixed point data types std::complex<ap_fixed<>> which are used for synthesis and implementation. It is possible to use floating point types std::complex<float> and std::complex<double> for simulation but these floating point complex models will consume massive resources if synthesized to hardware. For the best results with fixed point type, limit the data bit width to 27 bits (integer + fraction) as it helps to map multiplication and addition within SSR FFT butterflies directly onto a single DSP block. Larger inputs can be used but may lead to slower Fmax and more resource utilization. Finally, note that the complex exponential/twiddle factor storage is on 18 bits (16F+2I bits). The selection of 18-bit is made keeping in view the 18x27 multipliers available within DSP blocks on FPGAs.