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2023.2 English

sample_delay introduces delay to the input data. The numSampledelay is a Run Time Parameter (RTP) for setting the value of delay.

These are the templates parameters:



describes the type of individual data samples input to the function. This is a typename and must be one of the following:

unit8, int8, int16, int32, float, cint16, cint32, cfloat.

TP_WINDOW_VSIZE describes the number of samples in the window API. It is only applicable when TP_API = 0.
TP_API describes if the interface is IOBuf/Window (0) or stream (1)
TP_MAX_DELAY sets the max threshold on the delay.
template <
    typename TT_DATA,
    unsigned int TP_WINDOW_VSIZE,
    unsigned int TP_API,
    unsigned int TP_MAX_DELAY
class sample_delay_graph: public graph

// fields

static constexpr int VECTOR_SIZE
input_port in
input_port numSampleDelay
output_port out
kernel m_kernel