2021.1 - 2023.2 English

Vitis Libraries

Release Date
2023.2 English

The AI Engine DSP Library contains common parameterizable DSP functions used in many advanced signal processing applications. All functions currently support window interfaces with streaming interface support planned for future releases.


Namespace aliasing can be utilized to shorten instantiations: namespace dsplib = xf::dsp::aie;

  • FIR Filters

The DSPLib contains several variants of Finite Impulse Response (FIR) filters.

Function Namespace and class name
Single rate, asymmetrical dsplib::fir::sr_asym::fir_sr_asym_graph
Single rate, symmetrical dsplib::fir::sr_sym::fir_sr_sym_graph
Interpolation asymmetrical dsplib::fir::interpolate_asym::fir_interpolate_asym_graph
Decimation, halfband dsplib::fir::decimate_hb::fir_decimate_hb_graph
Interpolation, halfband dsplib::fir::interpolate_hb::fir_interpolate_hb_graph
Decimation, asymmetric dsplib::fir::decimate_asym::fir_decimate_asym_graph
Interpolation, fractional, asymmetric dsplib::fir::interpolate_fract_asym:: fir_interpolate_fract_asym_graph
Decimation, symmetric dsplib::fir::decimate_sym::fir_decimate_sym_graph

All FIR filters can be configured for various types of data and coefficients. These types can be int16, int32, or float and also real or complex. Both FIR length and cascade length can also be configured for all FIR variants.

  • FFT/iFFT

The DSPLib contains one FFT/iFFT solution. This is a single channel, single kernel decimation in time, (DIT), implementation with configurable point size, complex data types, cascade length and FFT/iFFT function.

Function Namespace and class name
Single Channel FFT/iFFT dsplib::fft::fft_ifft_dit_1ch_graph
  • Matrix Multiply (GeMM)

The DSPLib contains one Matrix Multiply/GEMM (GEneral Matrix Multiply) solution. This supports the Matrix Multiplication of 2 Matrices A and B with configurable input data types resulting in a derived output data type.

Function Namespace and class name
Matrix Mult / GeMM dsplib::blas::matrix_mult::matrix_mult_graph
  • Widget Utilities

These widgets support converting between window and streams on the input to the DSPLib function and between streams to windows on the output of the DSPLib function where desired and additional widget for converting between real and complex data-types.

Function Namespace and class name
Stream to Window / Window to Stream dsplib::widget::api_cast::widget_api_cast_graph
Real to Complex / Complex to Real dsplib:widget::real2complex::widget_real2complex_graph
  • AIE DSP in Model Composer

DSP Library functions are supported in Vitis Model Composer, enabling users to easily plug these functions into the Matlab/Simulink environment to ease AI Engine DSP Library evaluation and overall AI Engine ADF graph development.