2022.2 - 2023.2 English

Vitis Libraries

Release Date
2023.2 English

The below features have been added to the library in this release.

  • FFT Window - new library element
Function Namespace and class name
FFT Window xf::dsp::aie::fft::windowfn::fft_window_graph

FFT Window is a utility to apply a windowing (scaling) function such as Hamming to a frame of data samples.

  • FFT/iFFT

FFT Dynamic Point Size, i.e. run-time point size determination is now supported with parallelized configurations.

  • FIR Filters

All FIR library elements (with the exception of FIR Resampler) now support Super Sample Rate operation for higher throughput. To minimize latency, Super Sample Rate operation is implemented using streaming interfaces.

In addition, usage of Input Window Size (TP_INPUT_WINDOW_VSIZE) parameter has been consolidated across library. TP_INPUT_WINDOW_VSIZE describes the number of samples processed by the graph in a single iteration run.

Reloadable coefficients within the Super Sample Rate configurations are now supported on all FIR variants that support SSR operation.