Meta Information - 2023.2 English

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2023.2 English

The input / output data columns save all raw column data. The statistic information, e.g., row number, column number, is recorded in meta information. The internal structure of meta information is shown in the figure below. It is important to make it clear that the Meta Information is used for both the input port and the output port, the same meta struct should be feed to the input as well as the output meta ports of the 3-in-1 GQE. Moreover, we use only number of input rows and section ID information before loading the actual table rows for every flows supported in 3-in-1 GQE.

meta info layout


  • Join/Aggr/Bloomfilter only uses the first 8 rows of meta for number of input rows & section ID.
  • Part flow supports a maximum of 256 partitions, each number of rows in a partition is described by a 32-bit integer, starting from output meta[8], 256 / 16 = 16 lines are used for partitioning nrow output.
  • Size of each partition is configured through meta row 0, from 104 to 135 bits. User can achieve this by simply calling setPartition API in class MetaTable of L2.
  • When the number of partition is less than 256, the first N parts of meta row 8-23 are used, starting from meta[8][31-0] with little endian.