L2 API - 2023.2 English

Vitis Libraries

Release Date
2023.2 English

L2 API are for users who has certain understanding of HLS and programming on FPGA and want to make modification on kernels.

These APIs are more Vitis flow based designs in which communication and data transfer happens between kernel and host. Kernel works on data and output send back to the host. Optimized kernel with best kernel performance can be seen.

GZIP by default supports 32KB block size. But in our library we support multiple block sizes namely, 8KB, 16KB. Not only multiple block sizes but data compression library has both dynamic and static huffman modules which are optimized to give good performance.

Architecture Compression Ratio Throughput FMax LUT BRAM URAM
GZipc 32KB Compress Stream 2.70 2.0 GB/s 300MHz 54K 141 64
GZip 8KB Compress Stream 2.70 2.0 GB/s 300MHz 57.5K 100 48
GZip 16KB Compress Stream 2.70 2.0 GB/s 282MHz 58K 164 48
Gzipc_block_mm32KB 2.70 2.0 GB/s 300MHz 57K 135 64
Gzipc_static32KB 2.70 2.0 GB/s 300MHz 35K 45 64

Library designs supports Free-Running-Kernel and Memory-Mapped kernels.

GZip/Zlib Memory Mapped and GZip/Zlib Compress Stream: Supports Dynamic Huffman.

GZip/Zlib Streaming: Full standard support (Dynamic Huffman, Fixed Huffman and Stored Blocks supported)