Executable Usage - 2023.2 English

Vitis Libraries

Release Date
2023.2 English
  1. To execute single file for compression : ./build_dir.<TARGET mode>.<xsa_name>/xil_lz4_streaming -xbin ./build_dir.<TARGET mode>.<xsa_name>/<compress_decompress_streaming.xclbin> -c <file_name>

  2. To execute single file for decompression : ./build_dir.<TARGET mode>.<xsa_name>/xil_lz4_streaming -xbin ./build_dir.<TARGET mode>.<xsa_name>/<compress_decompress_streaming.xclbin> -d <file_name.lz4>

  3. To validate single file (compress & decompress) : ./build_dir.<TARGET mode>.<xsa_name>/xil_lz4_streaming -xbin ./build_dir.<TARGET mode>.<xsa_name>/<compress_decompress_streaming.xclbin> -t <file_name>

  4. To execute multiple files for compression : ./build_dir.<TARGET mode>.<xsa_name>/xil_lz4_streaming -xbin ./build_dir.<TARGET mode>.<xsa_name>/<compress_decompress_streaming.xclbin -cfl <files.list>

  5. To execute multiple files for decompression : ./build_dir.<TARGET mode>.<xsa_name>/xil_lz4_streaming -xbin ./build_dir.<TARGET mode>.<xsa_name>/<compress_decompress_streaming.xclbin -dfl <compressed files.list>

  6. To validate multiple files (compress & decompress) : ./build_dir.<TARGET mode>.<xsa_name>/xil_lz4_streaming -xbin ./build_dir.<TARGET mode>.<xsa_name>/<compress_decompress_streaming.xclbin -l <files.list>

    • <files.list>: Contains various file names with current path

The usage of the generated executable is as follows:

Usage: application.exe -[-h-c-d-t-cfl-dfl-l-B-id]
       --help,                -h        Print Help Options
       --compress,            -c        Compress
       --decompress,          -d        Decompress
       --test,                -t        Xilinx compress & Decompress
       --compress_list,       -cfl      Compress List of Input Files
       --decompress_list,     -dfl      Decompress List of compressed Input Files
       --test_list,           -l        Xilinx Compress & Decompress on Input Files
       --max_cr,              -mcr      Maximum CR                                            Default: [10]
       --xclbin,              -xbin     XCLBIN
       --device_id,           -id       Device ID                                             Default: [0]
       --block_size,          -B        Compress Block Size [0-64: 1-256: 2-1024: 3-4096]     Default: [0]