xilTreegenKernel - 2023.2 English

Vitis Libraries

Release Date
2023.2 English
#include "zlib_treegen_mm.hpp"
void xilTreegenKernel (
    uint32_t* dyn_ltree_freq,
    uint32_t* dyn_dtree_freq,
    uint32_t* dyn_bltree_freq,
    uint32_t* dyn_ltree_codes,
    uint32_t* dyn_dtree_codes,
    uint32_t* dyn_bltree_codes,
    uint32_t* dyn_ltree_blen,
    uint32_t* dyn_dtree_blen,
    uint32_t* dyn_bltree_blen,
    uint32_t* max_codes,
    uint32_t block_size_in_kb,
    uint32_t input_size,
    uint32_t blocks_per_chunk

This is a resource optimized version of huffman treegen kernel. It takes literal and distance frequency data as input through single input stream and generates dynamic huffman codes and bit length data which is output through a single output stream. This kernel does not use DDR in any way and is optimised for both speed and low resource usage.


freqStream 24-bit input stream for getting frequency data
codeStream 20-bit output stream sending huffman codes and bit-lengths data