zstdCompressQuadCore - 2023.2 English

Vitis Libraries

Release Date
2023.2 English
#include "zstd_compress_multicore.hpp"
template <
    int CORE_COUNT,
    int BLOCK_SIZE,
    int MIN_BLCK_SIZE,
    int MIN_MATCH = 3
void zstdCompressQuadCore (
    hls::stream <IntVectorStream_dt <8, 8>>& inStream,
    hls::stream <IntVectorStream_dt <8, 8>>& outStream

This module compresses the input file read from input stream using multiple lz77 modules. It produces the ZSTD compressed data at the output stream.


CORE_COUNT Total number of lz77 cores
BLOCK_SIZE ZStd block size
LZWINDOW_SIZE LZ77 history size or Window size
MIN_BLCK_SIZE Minimum block size, less than that will be considered stored block
PARALLEL_HUFFMAN Number of Huffman encoding units used
MIN_MATCH Minimum match in LZ77
inStream input stream
outStream output stream