Vitis Data Compression Library - 2023.2 English

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2023.2 English

Vitis Data Compression library is an open-sourced data compression library written in C++ for accelerating data compression applications in a variety of use cases. The library covers two levels of acceleration: the module level and the pre-defined kernel level, and will evolve to offer the third level as pure software APIs working with pre-defined hardware overlays.

  • L1: Module level, it provides optimized hardware implementation of the core LZ based and data compression specific modules like lz4 compress and snappy compress.
  • L2: Kernel level, a demo on lz4, snappy, zlib and zstd data compression algorithms are shown via kernel which internally uses the optimized hardware modules.
  • L3: The software API level will wrap the details of offloading acceleration with prebuilt binary (overlay) and allow users to accelerate data compression tasks on Alveo cards without hardware development.

Advanced users can easily tailor, optimize or combine with property logic at any levels as all the kernel code is developed in HLS C++ with the permissive Apache 2.0 license. Demos of different data compression acceleration are also provided with the library for easy on-boarding.

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