Limitation - 2023.2 English

Vitis Libraries

Release Date
2023.2 English

The CSV scanner kernel can be described as:

CSV scanner structure
  • maximal number of input files: as we have only 12 processing units (PU) inside the kernel, the maximal number of input files should be limited to 12 at one call.

  • Data types: 5 data types are supported currently, including: int (64-bit), string (up to 1024 chars), date, bool, and numeric (56-bit significand, 8-bit exponent).

  • CSV format: up to 16 columns are supported, up to 8 columns post CSV parsing, and the length of one row should be less than or equal to 1024 bytes.

  • filter operator: only 7 types of operator are supported, the operators are listed below:

    FilterOp Description
    FOP_DC don’t care
    FOP_EQ equal
    FOP_NE not equal
    FOP_GT greater than
    FOP_LT less than
    FOP_GE greater than or equal
    FOP_LE less than or equal