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Vitis Libraries

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2023.2 English


Please reference to Dataset in table 1.


For representing the resource utilization in each benchmark, we separate the overall utilization into 2 parts, where P stands for the resource usage in platform, that is those instantiated in static region of the FPGA card, as well as K represents those used in kernels (dynamic region). The target device is set to Alveo U280.

Table 38 Table 1 Performance on FPGA
Architecture Dataset Latency(ms) Timing LUT(P/K) BRAM(P/K) URAM(P/K) DSP(P/K)
Naive Bayes (U200) 999 samples with 10 features 0.519 266MHz 185.9K/70.1K 345/114 0/256 10/467
Support Vector Machine (U250) 999 samples with 66 features 0.23 300MHz 178.5K/367.0K 403/276 0/132 13/1232
Log Analyzer Demo (U200) 1.2G access log 990 251MHz 282.6K/226.8K 835/332 0/208 16/22
Duplicate Record Match (U50) Randomly generate 10,000,000 lines (about 1GB) 8215560 270MHz 135.8K/272.0K 180/50 0/260 4/506

These are details for benchmark result and usage steps.

Test Overview

Here are benchmarks of the Vitis Data Analytics Library using the Vitis environment.

  • Download code

These data analytics benchmarks can be downloaded from vitis libraries main branch.

git clone
cd Vitis_Libraries
git checkout main
cd data_analytics
  • Setup environment

Specifying the corresponding Vitis, XRT, and path to the platform repository by running following commands.

source <intstall_path>/installs/lin64/Vitis/2021.1_released/
source /opt/xilinx/xrt/
export PLATFORM_REPO_PATHS=/opt/xilinx/platforms