(4) Run kernel in Hardware-Emulation mode - 2023.2 English

Vitis Libraries

Release Date
2023.2 English
# build and run JPEG Decoder using U200 platform
make run TARGET=hw_emu PLATFORM=xilinx_u200_gen3x16_xdma_2_202110_1.xpfm

Now the test bench will run the case 10 times to calculate an average speed of the kernel

Example output


------------ Test for decode image.jpg  -------------
WARNING: Vitis_Libraries/codec/L2/demos/jpegDec/images/t0.jpg will be opened for binary read.
51193 entries read from Vitis_Libraries/codec/L2/demos/jpegDec/images/t0.jpg
Found Platform
Platform Name: Xilinx
Info: Context created
Info: Command queue created
INFO: Found Device=xilinx_u50_gen3x16_xdma_201920_3
INFO: Importing build_dir.hw_emu.xilinx_u50_gen3x16_xdma_201920_3/kernelJpegDecoder.xclbin
Loading: 'build_dir.hw_emu.xilinx_u50_gen3x16_xdma_201920_3/kernelJpegDecoder.xclbin'
Loading: 'build_dir.hw_emu.xilinx_u50_gen3x16_xdma_201920_3/kernelJpegDecoder.xclbin'
INFO: [HW-EMU 01] Hardware emulation runs simulation underneath. Using a large data set will result in long simulation times. It is recommended that a small dataset is
used for faster execution. The flow uses approximate models for Global memories and interconnect and hence the performance data generated is approximate.
configuring penguin scheduler mode
scheduler config ert(0), dataflow(1), slots(16), cudma(1), cuisr(0), cdma(0), cus(1)
Info: Program created
INFO: Kernel has been created
Info: Kernel created
INFO: Kernel has been created
INFO: Finish kernel setup
INFO: Finish kernel execution
INFO: Finish E2E execution
INFO: Data transfer from host to device: 360540 us
INFO: Data transfer from device to host: 296951 us
INFO: kernel 0: execution time 135012750 usec
INFO: kernel 1: execution time 131009663 usec
INFO: kernel 2: execution time 134012825 usec
INFO: kernel 3: execution time 133013391 usec
INFO: kernel 4: execution time 132012707 usec
INFO: kernel 5: execution time 133013044 usec
INFO: kernel 6: execution time 130013132 usec
INFO: kernel 7: execution time 130012762 usec
INFO: kernel 8: execution time 130012930 usec
INFO: kernel 9: execution time 135013237 usec
INFO: Average kernel execution per run: 132312644 us
INFO: Average E2E per run: 1355900288 us


Please open the YUV file with fmt 1 and (width, height) = (624, 528)
WARNING: Vitis_Libraries/codec/L2/demos/jpegDec/images/t0.yuv.h will be opened for binary write.
Ready for next image!
INFO: [HW-EMU 06-0] Waiting for the simulator process to exit
INFO: [HW-EMU 06-1] All the simulator processes exited successfully