hls_next_mcupos2 - 2023.2 English

Vitis Libraries

Release Date
2023.2 English
#include "XAcc_jpegdecoder.hpp"
void hls_next_mcupos2 (
    hls::stream <ap_uint <24>>& block_strm,
    int16_t hls_block [(3)*(1036800)*64],
    int hls_sfv [4],
    int hls_sfh [4],
    const uint8_t hls_mbs [4],
    int hls_bch,
    int hls_bc,
    int32_t hls_mcuc,
    uint8_t hls_cs_cmpc,
    bool rtn2,
    int& sta

convert strm to Aligned_block


block_strm the stream of coefficients in block,23:is_rst, 22:is_endblock,21~16:bpos,15~0:block val
hls_block the maxsize block, will be copy to the aligned_block
hls_sfv the sample factor vertical for each component
hls_sfh the sample factor horizontal for each component
hls_mbs the blocks in mcu for each component.
hls_bch the max block count horizontal (interleaved)
hls_bc the max block count (all) (interleaved)
sta the status of the process, 0: keep doing, 1: reset decoder(todo), 2: decode done