2.3.1 xfblasCreate - 2023.2 English

Vitis Libraries

Release Date
2023.2 English
xfblasStatus_t xfblasCreate(const char* xclbin, string configFile, const char* logFile, xfblasEngine_t engineName, unsigned int kernelNumber = 1, unsigned int deviceIndex = 0)

This function initializes the Vitis BLAS library and creates a handle for the specific engine. It must be called prior to any other Vitis BLAS library calls.


xclbin file path to FPGA bitstream
configFile file path to config_info.dat file
logFile file path to log file
engineName Vitis BLAS engine to run
kernelNumber number of kernels that is being used, default is 1
deviceIndex index of device that is being used, default is 0


xfblasStatus_t 0 if the initialization succeeded
xfblasStatus_t 1 if the opencl runtime initialization failed
xfblasStatus_t 2 if the xclbin doesn’t contain the engine
xfblasStatus_t 4 if the engine is not supported for now