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Vivado Design Suite User Guide: Designing with IP (UG896)

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2023.1 English
When upgrading an IP, all previously generated output products are removed, including the DCPs and any associated design runs. As a precaution, archive the project prior to upgrading the IP.

Each release of the Vivado Design Suite delivers only one version of an IP. New releases and patches of the Vivado Design Suite might include newer versions of IP in the Vivado IP catalog that are used in your existing projects. In this case, the IP in your current projects become locked, and must be upgraded to let you use the latest version of the IP.

Video: See the Vivado Design Suite QuickTake Video: Managing Vivado IP Version Upgrades for a demonstration of upgrading IP.

Prior to moving to a new Vivado Design Suite release, do one or more of the following:

  • Generate all the output products for the IP in your project, including the DCPs. This lets you use the old version of the IP in the new release of the Vivado Design Suite, if needed.
    Note: You cannot generate output products, including DCPs, for IP that is not the current version for the release.
  • If you are using Manage IP projects, copy the entire Manage IP project location as a backup.
  • Archive design projects that contain IP.
  • Before upgrading an IP, view the report_ip_status window for information on the changes.
    Important: It is especially important for IP that have a major revision change between Vivado Design Suite releases because these IP typically require RTL changes.

When you upgrade a project from a previous version of Vivado, and an upgrade is available for an IP and you can upgrade the IP. The following figure shows the dialog box that opens and asks if you want to continue with the Core Container feature disabled.

Figure 1. Enable Core Container Dialog Box

Select the Report IP Status to see which IP have an upgrade and to view the change logs. The following figure shows the IP Status window that opens when you run the Report IP Status command.

The following figure shows the IP Status tab with a message that an upgrade is recommended for the IP.

Figure 2. Report IP Status with Upgrade IP Option

Click the Upgrade IP option next to the IP. The report provides information about all the IP in the project. Click any blue, underlined text to provide more details. The information includes:

  • IP Status: This shows if the IP is up-to-date, or if there is a minor or major version change. Other possibilities are a part change.
  • Recommendation: Lists the recommendation action.
  • Change Log: By selecting the More info link you can view the change log for the IP. The change log provides information on the latest release of the IP. It is recommended you review the change log before upgrading the IP.
  • IP Name: Name of the IP.
  • Current Version: Provides the current version of the IP.
  • Recommended Version: Gives the recommended version of the IP to which to upgrade.

Major version changes could require modification to the RTL that connects to the IP. The IP Status window contains the following:

  • IP Name: Name of the IP as shown in the IP catalog.
  • Current Version: Provides the current version of the IP.
  • Recommended Version: Provides the recommended version of the IP to which to upgrade.
  • License: Shows the status of the IP license.
  • Current Part: Part used in the design.

You can check the box next to the Source File to selectively upgrade IP. Checking the box in the column will select all IP that have an upgrade available. Click Upgrade Selected to upgrade the selected IP.

By default, upgrading IP results in the upgrade information stored in the ip_upgrade.log file which is in the project directory with the XPR file.