Understanding Preset Files - 2023.1 English

Vivado Design Suite User Guide: System-Level Design Entry (UG895)

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2023.1 English

Preset file helps customize an IP core in a particular configuration. The PS7, axi_emc, and Memory IP for DDR3_SDRAM use the preset_file feature when a linear_flash or ddr3_sdram interface is selected in the Board tab in the Vivado IP integrator.

Preset Files use the XML format. The preset_file is defined for a specific Board file, and can be used to apply presets to multiple IP.

<ip_presets schema="1.0">
  <ip_preset preset_proc_name="emc_preset">
    <ip vendor="xilinx.com" library="ip" name="axi_emc" version="3.0">
        <user_parameter name="CONFIG.C_INCLUDE_DATAWIDTH_MATCHING_0" value="1"/> 
        <user_parameter name="CONFIG.C_MAX_MEM_WIDTH" value="16"/> 
        <user_parameter name="CONFIG.C_MEM0_TYPE" value="2"/> 
        <user_parameter name="CONFIG.C_MEM0_WIDTH" value="16"/> 
        <user_parameter name="CONFIG.C_TAVDV_PS_MEM_0" value="130000"/> 
        <user_parameter name="CONFIG.C_TCEDV_PS_MEM_0" value="130000"/> 
        <user_parameter name="CONFIG.C_TWPH_PS_MEM_0" value="12000"/> 
        <user_parameter name="CONFIG.C_TWP_PS_MEM_0" value="70000"/> 
        <user_parameter name="CONFIG.C_WR_REC_TIME_MEM_0" value="100000"/> 
  <ip_preset preset_proc_name="ddr3_sdram_preset">
    <ip vendor="xilinx.com" library="ip" name="mig_7series">
        <user_parameter name="CONFIG.XML_INPUT_FILE" value="mig.prj"