Adding Existing IP Files - 2023.1 English

Vivado Design Suite User Guide: System-Level Design Entry (UG895)

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2023.1 English

As an alternative to adding and customizing IP from the AMD IP catalog, you can directly add XCI or XCIX files into your project or design. This process is different from customizing IP from the catalog in the following ways:

  • The XCI or XCIX file may be an earlier version, or fully customized version of the same or similar IP found in the AMD IP Catalog.
  • The XCI or XCIX file may include the necessary files, or output products, to support the IP in the design flow. This can include the instantiation template, simulation files, and netlists or design checkpoints (DCPs) needed to support the IP through implementation. The Vivado Design Suite adds these files when the XCI or XCIX file is added to the design.
  • If the IP is an earlier version of an IP found in the catalog, you can upgrade it to the latest version from the IP catalog.
  • If the IP is an earlier version and includes the needed output products to support the IP in the design, it can be used in its current form, and the IP will be locked to prevent further customization.

To add existing XCI or XCIX files directly into your design or project, select File > Add Sources. See Adding Design Sources for detailed information.

Note: Alternatively, select Add Sources from the right-click menu, or from the Flow Navigator.

The added IP cores display separately in the IP Sources tab of the Sources window, as well as with other source files in the Hierarchy, Libraries, and Compile Order views. You can select these core files in the Sources window to see the files that make up the core, and to view the properties in the Source File Properties window.

If the XCI or XCIX file included any needed support files, referred to collectively as output products, those files are added when the design source is added to the design. If the XCI or XCIX file does not include these associated files, you must generate the output products required to support the IP in your design, such as the instantiation template, XDC constraints, and simulation sources. See Generating Output Products for IP Cores for more information.

You can run Reports > Report IP Status and review the state of the newly added IP. The IP may be in a locked state if they were generated with an older version of the Vivado Design Suite, of if they were configured to a different part.