Using UpdateMEM with the Vivado DFX flow - 2023.1 English

UpdateMEM User Guide (UG1580)

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2023.1 English

When an AMD Vivado™ project is using a reconfigurable module (RM) that has a MicroBlaze design, the tool automatically creates partial bitstream and .mmi files for just that section of the design. The creation is applied for both the current module and the replacement module.

The updatemem command can be used the same as any other project using the partial bit and .mmi files.

updatemem -bit config_mb_i_hier_0_default_rm_1_partial.bit -out new_out.bit -meminfo config_mb_i_hier_0_default_rm_1_partial.mmi -data new_elf.elf -proc config_mb_i/hier_0/microblaze_0
Note: This flow also works with XPM files in the reconfigurable blocks.