Memory Map Information File (MMI) Features - 2023.1 English

UpdateMEM User Guide (UG1580)

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2023.1 English

A memory map information (MMI) file is an XML file designed for computer parsing. It is similar to high-level computer programming languages in using the following features:

  • Block structures by XML keyword tags or directives. MMI maintains similar structures in groups or blocks of data. MMI creates blocks to delineate address space, bus access groupings, and comments.
  • Symbolic name usage: MMI uses names and keywords to refer to groups or entities (improving readability), and uses names to refer to address space groupings and Block RAMs.

MMI observes the following conventions:

  • Keywords are case-sensitive.
  • Indenting is for clarity only.
  • White space is ignored except where it delineates items or keywords.
  • Line endings are ignored. You can have as many items as you want on a single line.
  • Numbers can be entered as decimal or hexadecimal. Hexadecimal numbers use the 0xXXX notation form.
    The MMI file does not get generated if a design does not contain a processor or XPM Memories.