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UpdateMEM User Guide (UG1580)

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2023.1 English

The following example reads the specified MEM info file, ELF file, and bitstream file, and generates the merged bitstream file:

updatemem -meminfo top.mmi -data hello_world.elf -bit top.bit \
-proc design_1_i/microblaze_1 -out top_meminfo.bit

The following example shows the use of UpdateMEM in a block design that has two embedded MicroBlaze processors, one with an associated ELF file, and the other using a MEM file. Notice this requires two passes of the updatemem command, with the output bitstream of the first acting as the input bitstream of the second:

updatemem -bit top.bit -meminfo top.mmi -data top1.elf \
-proc system_i/microblaze_1 -out first_out.bit
updatemem -bit first_out.bit -meminfo top.mmi -data top2.mem \
-proc system_i/microblaze_2 -out top_out.bit

To convert an ELF file into a MEM file for simulation flows, use the following command:

updatemem -data top1.elf -meminfo top1.smi -proc design_1_i/microblaze_0