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UpdateMEM User Guide (UG1580)

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2023.1 English
  • -meminfo <arg>: (Required) Name of the memory mapping information (MMI) file for the implemented design or memory mapping information for simulation (SMI) file. This file can be generated using the write_mem_info Tcl command.
  • -data <arg>: (Required) Name of the Executable and Linkable Format (ELF) file, or a MEM file to map into BRAM addresses.
  • -writememfile: Output.mem file. Translates the ELF file and writes the information to the specified.mem file, which can be used in simulation flows. This option is applicable only to processor based designs. This argument is still supported but not recommended to be used.
  • -bit <arg>: (Required) Name of the bit input bitstream (BIT) file. If the file extension is missing, an extension of .bit is assumed. For AMD Versalâ„¢ adaptive SoC devices, the extension of .rcdo should be used instead of .bit.
    Note: The UpdateMEM command can only be used with unencrypted bitstream files.
  • -proc <arg>: (Required) Instance path of the embedded processor.
    Tip: You can specify multiple processors for the UpdateMEM command in cases where a design has multiple embedded processors. In this case the -data and -proc options must be specified in pairs, with the first -data argument applying to the first -proc argument. However, the UpdateMEM command can take either an ELF file or a MEM file in a single run, but cannot use both -data formats at the same time even when specifying multiple processors.
  • -out <arg>: (Required) Specify the name of output file, without suffix. The file suffix of .bit is applied automatically. For Versal adaptive SoC devices, the extension of .rcdo should be used instead of .bit.
  • -force: (Optional) Overwrite the specified output file if it already exists.
For Versal adaptive SoC devices, there is a three stage process for using updatemem to generate a new boot file.
  1. Run updatemem on original .rcdo file to generate the new .rcdo file.
    updatemem -meminfo ./design_1_wrapper.mmi -data ./elf_file.elf -proc design_1_i/microblaze_0 -bit design_1_wrapper.rcdo -out design_1_wrapper_new.rcdo
  2. Edit the .bif file to point to the new generated .rcdo file. Inside the .bif file there will be a field called file that is set to the original .rcdo file. Edit this field to set the newly generated .rcdo file.
  3. Run bootgen to regenerate a new .pdi file to run on HW.
    bootgen -arch versal -image design_1_wrapper.bif -w -o boot.pdi
Note: A PDI file is the Versal adaptive SoC equivalent to the .bit file for pre Versal adaptive SoC devices.