Address Space Definitions - 2023.1 English

UpdateMEM User Guide (UG1580)

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2023.1 English

The outermost definition of an address space comprises the following components:

<AddressSpace Name="design_1_i_processing_system7_0.design_1_i_axi_bram_ctrl_0” 
Begin=”1073741824” End=”1073750015”>

The ADDRESS_SPACE and /ADDRESS_SPACE tags define a single contiguous address space. The mandatory Name= following the ADDRESS_SPACE tag provides a symbolic name for the entire address space. Referring to the address space name is the same as referring to the entire contents of the address space.

An MMI file can contain multiple ADDRESS_SPACE definitions, even for the same address space, as long as each ADDRESS_SPACE name is unique.

Next is the beginning and ending address values that the Address Space occupies by using the Begin= and End= pair.