VCU_GASKET_INIT - 2023.1 English

H.264/H.265 Video Codec Unit v1.2 Solutions LogiCORE IP Product Guide (PG252)

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2023.1 English
Address Offset Width Type Reset Value Description
0x41074 32 RO 0x0 Ensure there is no pending AXI transaction in VCU AXI bus/AXI4-Lite bus before accessing the register. Assert and deassert vcu_resetn signal before accessing the register.
Table 2. VCU_GASKET_INIT Bit Field Information
Field Name Bits Type Reset Value Definition
VCU_GASKET_INIT [31:2] RW 0x0  
  1     Bit 1 is set to 0 to assert reset to VCU. Software needs to de-assert it to 1 for out of reset
  0     Bit 0 is set to 1 to remove gasket isolation after VCUINT_VCU fully ramps, VCCAUX fully ramps, and the PL is programmed