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H.264/H.265 Video Codec Unit v1.2 Solutions LogiCORE IP Product Guide (PG252)

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2023.1 English

The following table shows the revision history for this document.

Section Revision Summary
05/16/2023 Version 1.2 (2023.1)
Error Checking and Reporting Added new sections
Error Resilience Added new sections
Interfaces and Ports Updated the section
10/19/2022 Version 1.2 (2022.2)
Soft IP Registers Updated the section.
Constraining the Core Updated the VCC_INT information in the section.
GStreamer Encoding Parameters Updated the section.
Software Prerequisites Updated the source links in the Application Software table.
04/29/2022 Version 1.2 (2022.1)
YUV444 Full chroma 8/10-bit Support Added new section.
Constraining the Core Updated the section in VCU Sync IP v1.0.
XAVC Updated the section.
Running Examples with Jupyter Notebook Updated the section.
10/27/2021 Version 1.2
Clocking Updated section to mention PLDDR memory support.
Customizing the VCU DDR4 Controller Updated the section.
Port Connection Recommendations for Different Use Cases with VCU DDR Memory Controller Added a new section.
Navigating Content by Design Process Added a new section.
Gstreamer and V4L2 Formats Updated the section.
Constraining the Core Added a new table.
06/16/2021 Version 1.2
Application Software Development Added the HLG Support topic in the VCU Encoder Features section.
11/24/2020 Version 1.2
H.264/H.265 Video Codec Unit v1.2 Updated the Customizing and Generating the Core, Encoder Buffer, and Enabling PL-DDR for VCU sections.
Zynq UltraScale+ EV Architecture Video Codec Unit DDR4 LogiCORE IP v1.1 Updated the Resource Utilization, Designing with the Core, and Customizing the VCU DDR4 Controller sections.
VCU Sync IP v1.0 Updated the Resource Utilization, Port Descriptions, Sync IP Software Programming Model sections.
Performance and Debugging Updated Xilinx Low Latency Limitations.
Application Software Development Updated Encoder and Decoder Software Features, GStreamer Pipelines, VCU Encoder Features, and VCU Control Software sections.

Added the HDR10 section

Appendices Added three new sections: IRQ Balancing, QoS Configurations, and 2020.2 VCU Ctrl-SW API Migration.
08/17/2020 Version 1.2
General updates The content in this document was reorganized into the following sections:
VCU Encoder Features Updated the XAVC section.
06/03/2020 Version 1.2
VCU Sync IP v1.0 Added audio support for Xilinx low-latency.

Updated sections: Software Flow Overview, Software Architecture and Buffer Synchronization Mechanism, and Connecting the Sync IP with the VCU LogiCORE IP.

Latency in the VCU Pipeline Added Xilinx Low Latency Limitations, Encoder and Decoder Latencies with Xilinx Low Latency Mode, and Recommended Parameters for Xilinx Low-latency Mode.

Updated pipelines in Usage and Latency.

2020.1 VCU Ctrl-SW API Migration Added new section.
Region of Interest Encoding Updated section.
Max-Bitrate Benchmarking Added new section.
XAVC Updated section.
GStreamer Pipelines Updated pipelines in this section.
General Updates N/A
12/10/2019 Version 1.2
VCU Encoder Features Updated section
11/22/2019 Version 1.2
Resource Utilization Updated section
VCU Sync IP v1.0 Added new chapter
VCU Latency Modes Added Xilinx low-latency mode section
VCU Encoder Features Added new features
Running Examples with Jupyter Notebook Added new section
2019.2 VCU Ctrl-SW API Migration Added new section
Others Updated design flow steps for 32-stream support, updated snapshots and added supported resolutions for 32-stream.

Updated simulation section for H.264/H.265 Video Codec Unit and DDR4 controller.

Updated Gstreamer, OMX and VCU software links for 2019.2.

Updated Encoder and Decoder Gstreamer parameters.

Updated Vertical GDR mode MV (motion vector) limitation in GDR Intra Refresh.

Updated Ctrl-SW and OMX API details for Frameskip support.

Updated 32-Streams Support section.

Updated Control Software Encoder parameters.

Updated encoder and decoder register address from absolute to relative address.

Updated supported RAM parts and configuration for DDR4controller.

Updated DDR4 controller IP version to 1.1.

Added Chapter 7, VCU Sync IP v1.0 for ultra low latency support.

Updated Clocking and Resets section for sample FBDIV calculations and signal vcu_resetn recommendations.

05/22/2019 Version 1.2
2019.1 VCU Ctrl-SW API Migration Added section
VCU Latency Modes Added section
VCU Encoder Features Added new features: Dynamic Resolution Change at VCU Encoder/Decoder, Frame skip support for VCU Encoder, 32-streams support, DCI-4k Encode/Decode, Temporal-ID

Updated Enable PL DDR section.

Updated CPB Size Guidelines.

Updated Gstreamer, VCU Version.

Updated Memory Footprint Calculation.

Updated all VCU kernel module details.

Updated Encoder and Decoder Gstreamer parameters.

Added more information on behavior when MinQP=AUTO.

Updated Default values and additional parameters at Control software level.

Replaced videoparse with rawvideoparse.

Updated Constraints, Limitation for VCU Features.

Added information for additional memory requirement for AVC 4k.

Updated Cache memory requirement.

12/05/2018 Version 1.2
Encoder Block, Decoder Block Added encoder and decoder block diagrams
Encoder Buffer Requirements Added section
Decoder Buffer Requirements Added section
Zynq UltraScale+ EV Architecture Video Codec Unit DDR4 LogiCORE IP v1.1 Added chapter
VCU Encoder Features Added new features: GDR Intra Refresh, LongTerm Ref. Picture, Adaptive GOP, Insertion of SEI data at Encoder, SEI Decoder API, Dual pass Encoding, Scene change detection, Interlaced video.
Input Parameters Updated parameters
Settings Parameters Updated parameters
Register Space Updated Soft IP Registers table.
VCU Out of the Box Examples Updated examples

Added details of various latency mode.

Added Optimum VCU Encoder parameters for use-cases.

Updated software prerequisites.

Added information on utilizing ROI and LoadQP function from live streaming sources.

Updated control software debugging information and error codes.

Updated Registers and GStreamer elements.

Replaced AL_Encoder.exe and AL_Decoder.exe applications with ctrlsw_encode and ctrlsw_decoder, respectively.

Replaced omx_encoder.exe and omx_decoder.exe applications with omx_encode and omx_decoder, respectively.

Increased stream support from 8 to 32.

06/06/2018 Version 1.1
General Updates N/A
04/04/2018 Version 1.1
VCU Control Software API Updateded section

Added instructions for configuring the VCU core.

Updated supported profiles and options.

Changed gop-freq-idr to periodicity-idr.

Documented usage of the sample applications.

2/20/2017 Version 1.0
Reorganized content and updated API N/A
10/04/2017 Version 1.0
Initial release. N/A