QoS Configurations - 2023.1 English

H.264/H.265 Video Codec Unit v1.2 Solutions LogiCORE IP Product Guide (PG252)

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2023.1 English

Check the Read QoS, Write QoS, Read Commands Issuing Capability, and Write Commands Issuing Capability configuration of HP ports that interface the VCU with the PS DDR.

Note: For VCU traffic, the QoS should be set as Best Effort (BE) and outstanding transaction count for read/write commands should be set to maximum, which is 0xF for all AXI HP ports.

The AXI-QoS{3:0] lines behavior define three types of following Traffic in Decimal format on the AXI Bus.

Table 1. Default QoS Values
Traffic Class Read QoS Value Write QoS Value
Best Effort (BE) 0-3 0-7
Video (V) 4-11 8-15
Low Latency (LL) 12-15 N/A

Following is the reference QoS configuration script as per VCU recommendation.


/sbin/devmem 0xfd380008 w 0x3 -> RDQoS for S_AXI_HP0_FPD
/sbin/devmem 0xfd390008 w 0x3 -> RDQoS for S_AXI_HP1_FPD
/sbin/devmem 0xfd3a0008 w 0x3 -> RDQoS for S_AXI_HP2_FPD
/sbin/devmem 0xfd3b0008 w 0x3 -> RDQoS for S_AXI_HP3_FPD

/sbin/devmem 0xfd38001c w 0x3 -> WRQoS for S_AXI_HP0_FPD
/sbin/devmem 0xfd39001c w 0x3 -> WRQoS for S_AXI_HP1_FPD
/sbin/devmem 0xfd3a001c w 0x3 -> WRQoS for S_AXI_HP2_FPD
/sbin/devmem 0xfd3b001c w 0x3 -> WRQoS for S_AXI_HP3_FPD

/sbin/devmem 0xfd380004 w 0xF -> RDISSUE for S_AXI_HP0_FPD
/sbin/devmem 0xfd390004 w 0xF -> RDISSUE for S_AXI_HP1_FPD 
/sbin/devmem 0xfd3A0004 w 0xF -> RDISSUE for S_AXI_HP2_FPD
/sbin/devmem 0xfd3B0004 w 0xF -> RDISSUE for S_AXI_HP3_FPD

/sbin/devmem 0xfd380018 w 0xF -> WRISSUE for S_AXI_HP0_FPD
/sbin/devmem 0xfd390018 w 0xF -> WRISSUE for S_AXI_HP1_FPD
/sbin/devmem 0xfd3A0018 w 0xF -> WRISSUE for S_AXI_HP2_FPD
/sbin/devmem 0xfd3B0018 w 0xF -> WRISSUE for S_AXI_HP3_FPD