Interfaces and Ports - 2023.1 English

H.264/H.265 Video Codec Unit v1.2 Solutions LogiCORE IP Product Guide (PG252)

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2023.1 English

The following table shows the AXI4 instruction and data cache interface ports of MCU.

Table 1. MCU Ports
Port Size (bits) Direction Description
vcu_pl_mcu_m_axi_ic_dc_araddr 44 Output AXI4 read address
vcu_pl_mcu_m_axi_ic_dc_arburst 2 Output AXI4 read burst type
vcu_pl_mcu_m_axi_ic_dc_arcache 4 Output AXI4 ARCACHE value
vcu_pl_mcu_m_axi_ic_dc_arid 3 Output AXI4 read master ID
vcu_pl_mcu_m_axi_ic_dc_arlen 8 Output AXI4 read burst size
vcu_pl_mcu_m_axi_ic_dc_arlock 1 Output AXI4 ARLOCK signal
vcu_pl_mcu_m_axi_ic_dc_arprot 3 Output AXI4 ARPROT signal
vcu_pl_mcu_m_axi_ic_dc_arqos 4 Output AXI4 ARQOS signal
pl_vcu_mcu_m_axi_ic_dc_arready 1 Input AXI4 ARREADY signal
vcu_pl_mcu_m_axi_ic_dc_arsize 3 Output AXI4 ARSIZE signal
vcu_pl_mcu_m_axi_ic_dc_arvalid 1 Output AXI4 ARVALID signal
vcu_pl_mcu_m_axi_ic_dc_awaddr 44 Output AXI4 AWADDR signal
vcu_pl_mcu_m_axi_ic_dc_awburst 2 Output AXI4 AWBURST signal
vcu_pl_mcu_m_axi_ic_dc_awcache 4 Output AXI4 AWCACHE signal
vcu_pl_mcu_m_axi_ic_dc_awid 3 Output AXI4 AWID signal
vcu_pl_mcu_m_axi_ic_dc_awlen 8 Output AXI4 AWLEN signal
vcu_pl_mcu_m_axi_ic_dc_awlock 1 Output AXI4 AWLOCK signal
vcu_pl_mcu_m_axi_ic_dc_awprot 3 Output AXI4 AWPROT signal
vcu_pl_mcu_m_axi_ic_dc_awqos 4 Output AXI4 AWQOS signal
pl_vcu_mcu_m_axi_ic_dc_awready 1 Input AXI4 AWREADY signal
vcu_pl_mcu_m_axi_ic_dc_awsize 3 Output AXI4 AWSIZE signal
vcu_pl_mcu_m_axi_ic_dc_awvalid 1 Output AXI4 AWVALID signal
pl_vcu_mcu_m_axi_ic_dc_bid 3 Input AXI4 BID signal
vcu_pl_mcu_m_axi_ic_dc_bready 1 Output AXI4 BREADY signal
pl_vcu_mcu_m_axi_ic_dc_bresp 2 Input AXI4 BRESP signal
pl_vcu_mcu_m_axi_ic_dc_bvalid 1 Input AXI4 BVALID signal
pl_vcu_mcu_m_axi_ic_dc_rdata 32 Input AXI4 RDATA signal
pl_vcu_mcu_m_axi_ic_dc_rid 3 Input AXI4 RID signal
pl_vcu_mcu_m_axi_ic_dc_rlast 1 Input AXI4 RLAST signal
vcu_pl_mcu_m_axi_ic_dc_rready 1 Output AXI4 RREADY signal
pl_vcu_mcu_m_axi_ic_dc_rresp 2 Input AXI4 RRESP signal
pl_vcu_mcu_m_axi_ic_dc_rvalid 1 Input AXI4 RVALID signal
vcu_pl_mcu_m_axi_ic_dc_wdata 32 Output AXI4 WDATA signal
vcu_pl_mcu_m_axi_ic_dc_wlast 1 Output AXI4 WLAST signal
pl_vcu_mcu_m_axi_ic_dc_wready 1 Input AXI4 WREADY signal
vcu_pl_mcu_m_axi_ic_dc_wstrb 4 Output AXI4 WSTRB signal
vcu_pl_mcu_m_axi_ic_dc_wvalid 1 Output AXI4 WVALID signal

The following table summarizes the AXI4-Lite slave interface ports of the MCU subsystem.

Table 2. AXI4-Lite Slave Ports
Port Width Direction Description
pl_vcu_awaddr_axi_lite_apb 20 Input AXI4 AWADDR signal
pl_vcu_awprot_axi_lite_apb 3 Input AXI4 AWPROT signal
pl_vcu_awvalid_axi_lite_apb 1 Input AXI4 AWVALID signal
vcu_pl_awready_axi_lite_apb 1 Output AXI4 AWREADY signal
pl_vcu_wdata_axi_lite_apb 32 Input AXI4 WDATA signal
pl_vcu_wstrb_axi_lite_apb 4 Input AXI4 WSTRB signal
pl_vcu_wvalid_axi_lite_apb 1 Input AXI4 WVALID signal
vcu_pl_wready_axi_lite_apb 1 Output AXI4 WREADY signal
vcu_pl_bresp_axi_lite_apb 2 Output AXI4 BRESP signal
vcu_pl_bvalid_axi_lite_apb 1 Output AXI4 BVALID signal
pl_vcu_bready_axi_lite_apb 1 Input AXI4 BREADY signal
pl_vcu_araddr_axi_lite_apb 20 Input AXI4 ARADDR signal
pl_vcu_arprot_axi_lite_apb 3 Input AXI4 ARPROT signal
pl_vcu_arvalid_axi_lite_apb 1 Input AXI4 ARVALID signal
vcu_pl_arready_axi_lite_apb 1 Output AXI4 ARREADY signal
vcu_pl_rdata_axi_lite_apb 32 Output AXI4 RDATA signal
vcu_pl_rresp_axi_lite_apb 2 Output AXI4 RRESP signal
vcu_pl_rvalid_axi_lite_apb 1 Output AXI4 RVALID signal
pl_vcu_rready_axi_lite_apb 1 Input AXI4 RREADY signal