AL_TStreamMetaData* AL_StreamMetaData_Create(uint16_t uMaxNumSection) - 2023.1 English

H.264/H.265 Video Codec Unit v1.2 Solutions LogiCORE IP Product Guide (PG252)

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2023.1 English

Allocate a stream metadata object. Metadata objects are associated with a buffer and provide context regarding how the buffer should be processed. The uMaxNumSection argument determines how many section structures to allocate. The section structure associates a flag with a region of a buffer as set by AL_StreamMetaData_AddSection. The metadata object must be associated with exactly one AL_TBuffer object. Functions that deallocate buffers such as AL_Buffer_Destroy invoke the destroy function of each metadata object.


Returns a pointer to an AL_TStreamMetaData structure capable of specifying uMaxNumSection sections, unless memory allocation fails, in which case it returns NULL.


AL_StreamMetaData_ClearAllSections, AL_StreamMetaData_AddSection, AL_Buffer_AddMetaData, AL_Buffer_Destroy, AL_MAX_SECTION, BufferStreamMeta.h