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H.264/H.265 Video Codec Unit v1.2 Solutions LogiCORE IP Product Guide (PG252)

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2023.1 English


Table 1. Function Type Descriptions
Type Field Description
int iStackSize Size of the command stack handled by the decoder
int iBitDepth Output bit depth
uint8_t uNumCore Number of decoder cores used
uint32_t uFrameRate User-supplied frame rate used if a syntax element specifying the frame rate is not present
uint32_t uClkRatio User-supplied clock ratio used if a syntax element does not supply it
bool bIsAvc If true, AVC decoding is selected; if false HEVC decoding is selected
bool bParallelWPP If true, wavefront parallelization processing is enabled. Not supported. Must be false.
uint8_t uDDRWidth Width of the DDR uses by the decoder. Either 16 or 32, depending on the board design.
bool bDisableCache If true, the decoder cache is disabled
bool bLowLat If true, low latency decoding is in use
bool bForceFrameRate If true, the user-defined frame rate overrides the stream frame rate
bool bFrameBufferCompression This condition is always false as VCU hardware does not support any frame compression , as it is raster only.
AL_EFbStorageMode eFBStorageMode
  • AL_FB_RASTER = 0
  • AL_FB_TILE_32x4 = 2
  • AL_FB_TILE_64x4 = 3
AL_EDecUnit eDecUnit Sub-frame latency control
  • AL_AU_UNIT = 0
AL_EDpbMode eDpbMode Low reference frame mode control
AL_TStreamSettings tStream Decoder output stream