Decompression Kernel Design - 2023.1 English

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Release Date
2023.1 English

The design for LZ decompression kernel is shown in the following figure:

LZ based Decompression Kernel

The following is a description of the LZ based decompression kernel design process:

  • The overall design remains similar to the compression kernel design. Input data is read from the global memory, converted to stream and distributed across the decompression engines in a round robin fashion.
  • Each decompression engine module contains multiple sub-modules processing 1 byte per clock cycle. The modules work in a pipelined fashion, therefore, the throughput of each decompression engine is 1 byte per clock cycle.

The decompression engine design also remains same for all LZ based algorithms. The only difference is the Decoding sub-module in decompression engine module, which is unique for each algorithm.