xilLz4Decompress - 2023.1 English

Vitis Libraries

Release Date
2023.1 English
#include "lz4_multibyte_decompress_mm.hpp"
void xilLz4Decompress (
    const ap_uint <MULTIPLE_BYTES*8>* in,
    ap_uint <MULTIPLE_BYTES*8>* out,
    uint32_t* in_block_size,
    uint32_t* in_compress_size,
    uint32_t block_size_in_kb,
    uint32_t no_blocks

LZ4 decompression kernel takes compressed data as input and process in block based fashion and writes the raw data to global memory.


in input compressed data
out output raw data
in_block_size input block size of each block
in_compress_size compress size of each block
block_size_in_kb block size in bytes
no_blocks number of blocks