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2023.1 English

With the Alveo U50 accelerator card installed in a server, you can deploy applications to be run on the host server and accelerator card. Follow the instructions in Chaptor 5 - Card Bring-Up and Validation of the Alveo U50 Data Center Accelerator Card Installation Guide (UG1370) to validate your installed Alveo U50 card.

The xbutil validate command validates the correct installation by performing a various set of tests on the given Alveo card, and you need to set up the environment for XRT to perform the validation.

source /opt/xilinx/xrt/
#validate Alveo card
xbutil validate

If your Alveo U50 has been correctly installed, you will see a high-level summary of the tests performed similar to the following output after performing xbutil validate.

INFO: Found 1 cards
INFO: Validating card[0]: xilinx_u50_gen3x16_xdma_5_202210_1
INFO: == Starting AUX power connector check:
AUX power connector not available. Skipping validation
INFO: == AUX power connector check SKIPPED
INFO: == Starting PCIE link check:
INFO: == PCIE link check PASSED
INFO: == Starting SC firmware version check:
INFO: == SC firmware version check PASSED
INFO: == Starting verify kernel test:
INFO: == verify kernel test PASSED
INFO: == Starting DMA test:
Host -> PCIe -> FPGA write bandwidth = 11933.1 MB/s
Host <- PCIe <- FPGA read bandwidth = 11966.5 MB/s
INFO: == Starting device memory bandwidth test:
Maximum throughput: 52428 MB/s
INFO: == device memory bandwidth test PASSED
INFO: == Starting PCIE peer-to-peer test:
P2P BAR is not enabled. Skipping validation
INFO: == PCIE peer-to-peer test SKIPPED
INFO: == Starting memory-to-memory DMA test:
M2M is not available. Skipping validation
INFO: == memory-to-memory DMA test SKIPPED
INFO: Card[0] validated successfully.
INFO: All cards validated successfully.

Proceed to Section 3.

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