Specify the Control Protocol - 2023.1 English

Vitis Tutorials: Hardware Acceleration (XD099)

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2023.1 English
  1. Under Packaging Steps, select Compatibility.

  2. Enable Package for Vitis, and ensure that both Package for IPI and Ignore Freq_Hz are enabled as well. This lets you package the IP as a kernel object (.xo) for use in the Vitis tool flow, and also configures the specific AMD parts or device families compatible with your custom IP.

    Package for Vitis

    Enabling the Package for Vitis checkbox lets you specify the Control protocol for the RTL kernel. The default is ap_ctrl_hs, but other protocols such as user_managed and ap_ctrl_chain are also suported as described in Software Controllable Kernels.

  3. Select user_managed for this tutorial. The tool sets required properties for the Vitis kernel.

    set_property sdx_kernel true [ipx::current_core]
    set_property sdx_kernel_type rtl [ipx::current_core]
    set_property ipi_drc {ignore_freq_hz true} [ipx::current_core]
    set_property vitis_drc {ctrl_protocol user_managed} [ipx::current_core]

TIP: Notice that the Ports and Interfaces tab now shows a DRC error because you have enabled the Package for Vitis checkbox. The error indicates that the Vitis compatible IP must have a defined register on the AXI-Lite interface (s_axilite), or at least one AXI-streaming (AXIS) interface. In this case, you will be adding registers to the s_axi_control interface.