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Vitis Tutorials: Hardware Acceleration (XD099)

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2023.1 English

Enabling profile data capturing for traffic between the kernels and host consumes additional resources and can impact performance, so the pre-built XCLBIN files do not include profiling.

You can add the --profile option during the linking process to enable device data profiling by adding Acceleration Monitors and AXI Performance Monitors to the system design. See the following modification on ./hw/Makefile as an example. A detailed description can be found in the –profile Options of the Vitis compiler command.

rtc_alpha_$(TARGET).xclbin: $(XOS_RTC_ALPHA)
	v++ -l $(XOCCFLAGS) $(XOCCLFLAGS) --config xclbin_rtc_alpha.ini  -o $@ $(XOS_RTC_ALPHA)

rtc_gen_test_$(TARGET).xclbin: $(XOS_RTC_GEN_TEST)
	v++ -l $(XOCCFLAGS) $(XOCCLFLAGS) --config xclbin_rtc_gen_test.ini  -o $@ $(XOS_RTC_GEN_TEST)

Even without --profile option added while generating XCLBIN files, most of the profiling reports are still available, only few sections like the Kernel Data Transfers will show no data.