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Vitis Tutorials: Hardware Acceleration (XD099)

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2023.1 English

There is a Makefile included in the 01-rtl_kernel_workflow/reference-files folder. You can use this file to make the following targets:

make run TARGET=<hw_emu | hw> HOST=user

The Makefile will:

  1. Build an AMD Vivado™ project to package the RTL design IP, and package a user-managed kernel (.xo).

  2. Use the Vitis compiler (v++) to link the kernel to the target platform and generate the .xlcbin file.

  3. Compile the XRT native API host application ./src/host/user-host.cpp.

  4. If necessary generate the emulation platform and setup the emulation environment.

  5. Run the application and kernel.

TIP: You can use the Makefile -n option to generate the command lines without running the commands: make run TARGET=hw_emu HOST=user -n