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Vitis Tutorials: Hardware Acceleration (XD099)

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2023.1 English
  1. Change directory to the 03-dataflow_debug_and_optimization/reference-files/dataflow directory, you can launch the Vitis HLS GUI by issuing the following command:

    vitis_hls -p script.tcl

    The Vitis HLS GUI will launch and create the project needed to synthesize the design but the GUI will stop short of executing the commands in the script.tcl file.

  2. Click the green Run command (Run Icon) to synthesize the design.

    After synthesizing your design, the GUI will automatically show the Synthesis Summary report (as shown in the following figure).

    Summary Report

    In the Synthesis Summary report, the Dataflow icon (icon) alongside the function indicates that a Dataflow viewer report is available.

    Open Dataflow Viewer

  3. Right-click on the top-level function name (diamond), and select the Open Dataflow Viewer command to open a new Dataflow viewer window for the function as shown below.

    Start Page

In the preceding figure there are four areas of interest: