Emulation Result - 2023.1 English

Vitis Tutorials: Hardware Acceleration (XD099)

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2023.1 English

Review the generated Timeline Trace report (opencl_trace.csv).

vitis_analyzer xrt.run_summary

NOTE: In the 2023.1 release, this command opens the Analysis view of the new Vitis Unified IDE and loads the run summary as described in Working with the Analysis View. Navigate to the various reports using the left pane of the Analysis view or by clicking on the links provided in the summary report.

The run directory contains a file named xrt.ini. This file contains runtime options that generate additional reports such as the Profile Summary report and Timeline Trace.

After the Vitis analyzer loads, click Timeline Trace located on the left side panel. The Application Timeline report collects and displays host and device events on a common timeline to help you understand and visualize the overall health and performance of your systems.

  • At the bottom of the timeline, you can see three blue bars, one for each kernel enqueing from the host. The host enqueues the kernel execution sequentially (in order) because it uses a single, in-order command queue.

  • After the blue bars, you can see three green bars, one for each kernel execution. They are working on the FPGA sequentially. Serial kernel enqueue