4: Associate AXI Master Port to Pointer Argument and Set Data Width - 2023.1 English

Vitis Tutorials: Hardware Acceleration (XD099)

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2023.1 English

You use the ipx::add_register_parameter and set_property commands to create connections between the address pointer arguments and the AXI master port, such as the following command lines for AXI read master axi_rmst:

ipx::add_register_parameter ASSOCIATED_BUSIF [ipx::get_registers SRC_ADDR -of_objects [ipx::get_address_blocks reg0 -of_objects [ipx::get_memory_maps s_axi_control -of_objects [ipx::current_core]]]]
set_property value          {axi_rmst}          [ipx::get_register_parameters ASSOCIATED_BUSIF     \
                                    -of_objects [ipx::get_registers SRC_ADDR                      \
                                    -of_objects [ipx::get_address_blocks reg0                      \
                                    -of_objects [ipx::get_memory_maps s_axi_control                 \
                                    -of_objects [ipx::current_core]]]]]

You will use the ipx::add_bus_parameter and set_property commands to correctly set the AXI master data width, as shown in the following example:

ipx::add_bus_parameter DATA_WIDTH [ipx::get_bus_interfaces axi_wmst -of_objects [ipx::current_core]]
set_property value          {128} [ipx::get_bus_parameters DATA_WIDTH -of_objects [ipx::get_bus_interfaces axi_wmst -of_objects [ipx::current_core]]]

The DATA_WIDTH property is written to the generated kernel XML file.