Viewing Signal Values - 2022.2 English

Vivado Design Suite Tutorial: Logic Simulation (UG937)

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2022.2 English
You can better understand some signal values if they display in a different radix format than the default, for instance, binary values instead of hexadecimal values. The default radix is Hexadecimal unless you override the radix for a specific object.

Supported radix values are Binary, Hexadecimal, Octal, ASCII, Signed and Unsigned decimal. You can set any of the above values as Default using Default Radix option.

  1. In the Waveform window, select the following signals:

    s_axis_phase_tdata_sine_high, s_axis_phase_tdata_sine_mid and s_axis_phase_tdata_sine_low.

  2. Right-click to open the popup menu, and select Radix > Binary.

    The values on these signals now display using the specified radix.