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Vivado Design Suite Tutorial: Logic Simulation (UG937)

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2022.2 English
Like Objects window, you can view the value of any dynamic type variable from Tcl Console as well.
  1. Click Restart button .
  2. From the Scope window, select scope axi_vip_0__exdes_adv_mst_active_pt_mem__slv_passive present under the top module.

  3. In Tcl console, invoke the report_objects command to display all objects present in the selected scope. Also, the Queue and Class appear as object type.

  4. Invoke the get_value command to find the current value of an object. The get value of mst_monitor_transaction is returning null as its Class type while empty parenthesis appears for master_monitor_transaction_queue which is a Queue type.

  5. Click Run All button . The simulation stops at the line where you have added the break point.
  6. Invoke get_value master_moniter_transaction_queue command and notice that it is still empty.
  7. On the Vivado® simulator toolbar menu, click the Step button . It executes the current statement that is on line number 95 where the simulation is currently waiting. At this statement, you are pushing an element after the execution. Your queue will be populated with a single element.
  8. Invoke the get_value master_moniter_transaction_queue command and notice 1 entry in the Queue. Like the Objects window, you can read the value of any dynamic type variable in Tcl Console.